Roll the Ball OnlineRoll the Ball Online GameRoll the Ball OnlineAchievements
Chess ChallengesChess Challenges GameChess ChallengesAchievements
PipePipe GamePipeAchievements
BattleshipBattleship GameBattleshipHigh Scores
Gummy BlocksGummy Blocks GameGummy BlocksHigh ScoresAchievements
Connect the DotsConnect the Dots GameConnect the DotsAchievements
Basket FallBasket Fall GameBasket FallHigh Scores
Hexa PuzzleHexa Puzzle GameHexa PuzzleAchievements
Fire TruckFire Truck GameFire TruckAchievements
Jigsaw PuzzleJigsaw Puzzle GameJigsaw Puzzle
WobloxWoblox GameWobloxAchievements
Water the VillageWater the Village GameWater the VillageHigh ScoresAchievements
Hacker ChallengeHacker Challenge GameHacker ChallengeAchievements
Gingerbread MakerGingerbread Maker GameGingerbread MakerAchievements
SokobanSokoban GameSokobanAchievements
Power BlocksPower Blocks GamePower BlocksAchievements
Dungeon ShopDungeon Shop GameDungeon ShopHigh ScoresAchievements
Junior ChessJunior Chess GameJunior ChessAchievements
TargetTarget GameTargetAchievements
OjelloOjello GameOjello
Happy BlocksHappy Blocks GameHappy BlocksAchievements
Get the Brains 2Get the Brains 2 GameGet the Brains 2
PlumberPlumber GamePlumberAchievements
BananadohBananadoh GameBananadohHigh Scores
Cowboy ZombieCowboy Zombie GameCowboy ZombieAchievements
Thief ChallengeThief Challenge GameThief ChallengeHigh Scores
Piggy RollPiggy Roll GamePiggy RollAchievements
Ninja TreasureNinja Treasure GameNinja TreasureAchievements
Waffle WordsWaffle Words GameWaffle WordsHigh ScoresAchievements
Taxi PickupTaxi Pickup GameTaxi PickupAchievements
Magic CupMagic Cup GameMagic CupHigh ScoresAchievements
Greedy RabbitGreedy Rabbit GameGreedy RabbitAchievements
Connect a WayConnect a Way GameConnect a WayAchievements
HexaHexa GameHexaHigh ScoresAchievements
Light the WayLight the Way GameLight the WayAchievements
Guess WhoGuess Who GameGuess WhoHigh Scores
Yeti AdventuresYeti Adventures GameYeti AdventuresAchievements
Catch ItCatch It GameCatch It
Piggy Bank AdventurePiggy Bank Adventure GamePiggy Bank AdventureAchievements
Eleven ElevenEleven Eleven GameEleven ElevenHigh Scores
EngineerioEngineerio GameEngineerioAchievements
UntangleUntangle GameUntangleAchievements
Magic PencilMagic Pencil GameMagic PencilAchievements
Free WordsFree Words GameFree WordsHigh ScoresAchievements
Pop Pop CandiesPop Pop Candies GamePop Pop CandiesAchievements
Isometric PuzzleIsometric Puzzle GameIsometric PuzzleAchievements
Animal ConnectionAnimal Connection GameAnimal ConnectionAchievements
Cup and BallCup and Ball GameCup and BallAchievements
Solve MathSolve Math GameSolve MathHigh ScoresAchievements
Puzzle BlocksPuzzle Blocks GamePuzzle BlocksAchievements
Color CellColor Cell GameColor CellHigh Scores
MastermindMastermind GameMastermindHigh ScoresAchievements
Rearrange LettersRearrange Letters GameRearrange Letters
Nuts for WinterNuts for Winter GameNuts for WinterAchievements
FizzicsFizzics GameFizzicsAchievements
GradientGradient GameGradientAchievements
One Plus TwoOne Plus Two GameOne Plus TwoHigh ScoresAchievements
Color CubeColor Cube GameColor CubeAchievements
QubikaQubika GameQubikaAchievements
Happy Kittens PuzzleHappy Kittens Puzzle GameHappy Kittens PuzzleAchievements
MicrobesMicrobes GameMicrobesAchievements
True NumberTrue Number GameTrue NumberHigh ScoresAchievements
LightsLights GameLightsHigh ScoresAchievements
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These games will force you to think ahead and use your best problem solving skills. Complete math problems, solve difficult puzzles or comprise your best solution to any problems that may come up. These games are great for kids and even adults to increase problem solving skills. is the home to some of the best Thinking games that you can play on any device. Play any of our Thinking games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Roll the Ball Online, Chess Challenges, Pipe and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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