Space TunnelSpace Tunnel GameSpace TunnelHigh ScoresAchievements
Snake BlastSnake Blast GameSnake BlastHigh Scores
Endless LakeEndless Lake GameEndless Lake
Stick RunningStick Running GameStick RunningHigh ScoresAchievements
Snake Blast 2Snake Blast 2 GameSnake Blast 2High ScoresAchievements
Avoid the SpikesAvoid the Spikes GameAvoid the SpikesHigh ScoresAchievements
Snake AttackSnake Attack GameSnake AttackHigh Scores
Battle EscapeBattle Escape GameBattle EscapeHigh Scores
Snake ProSnake Pro GameSnake ProHigh ScoresAchievements
TrafficTraffic GameTrafficHigh ScoresAchievements
Smart SlitherSmart Slither GameSmart SlitherAchievements
Beats ShipBeats Ship GameBeats ShipHigh ScoresAchievements
Survival RaceSurvival Race GameSurvival RaceHigh ScoresAchievements
TriangleTriangle GameTriangleHigh ScoresAchievements
Speed BoatsSpeed Boats GameSpeed BoatsHigh ScoresAchievements
Zig UpZig Up GameZig UpHigh ScoresAchievements
Dash RocketDash Rocket GameDash RocketHigh ScoresAchievements
Orbit ChallengeOrbit Challenge GameOrbit ChallengeHigh ScoresAchievements
Miner JumpMiner Jump GameMiner JumpHigh Scores
Cardinal RunCardinal Run GameCardinal RunHigh ScoresAchievements
Barbarian EscapeBarbarian Escape GameBarbarian EscapeAchievements
Missile DodgeMissile Dodge GameMissile DodgeHigh Scores
Pet HopPet Hop GamePet HopHigh Scores
Manic MinerManic Miner GameManic MinerHigh ScoresAchievements
MissileMissile GameMissileHigh ScoresAchievements
Brick DodgeBrick Dodge GameBrick DodgeHigh ScoresAchievements
Orbit AvoiderOrbit Avoider GameOrbit AvoiderHigh ScoresAchievements
Ninja Wall RunnerNinja Wall Runner GameNinja Wall RunnerHigh Scores
Zombie DodgeZombie Dodge GameZombie DodgeHigh ScoresAchievements
AvoidAvoid GameAvoidHigh Scores
Space OrbitSpace Orbit GameSpace OrbitHigh ScoresAchievements
Bomb The MountainBomb The Mountain GameBomb The Mountain
Cyclops RuinsCyclops Ruins GameCyclops RuinsHigh Scores
Rat CrossingRat Crossing GameRat CrossingHigh ScoresAchievements
Mad DriverMad Driver GameMad DriverHigh ScoresAchievements
Mouse DownMouse Down GameMouse DownAchievements
Drift DriveDrift Drive GameDrift DriveHigh ScoresAchievements
Too Many BubblesToo Many Bubbles GameToo Many Bubbles
JaywalkingJaywalking GameJaywalkingHigh ScoresAchievements
Dodge BallDodge Ball GameDodge BallAchievements
Road SafetyRoad Safety GameRoad SafetyAchievements
River RunRiver Run GameRiver RunHigh ScoresAchievements
Falling DotsFalling Dots GameFalling DotsHigh ScoresAchievements
Ninja TimeNinja Time GameNinja TimeHigh ScoresAchievements
SawsSaws GameSawsHigh ScoresAchievements
Watch Your LegsWatch Your Legs GameWatch Your LegsHigh ScoresAchievements
Christmas Gift DeliveryChristmas Gift Delivery GameChristmas Gift DeliveryHigh ScoresAchievements
Stick CatcherStick Catcher GameStick CatcherHigh ScoresAchievements
Caveman JumpCaveman Jump GameCaveman JumpHigh ScoresAchievements
RadialRadial GameRadialHigh ScoresAchievements
Coin CatcherCoin Catcher GameCoin CatcherHigh Scores
Crazy CabbieCrazy Cabbie GameCrazy CabbieHigh ScoresAchievements
Missile 3DMissile 3D GameMissile 3DAchievements
Don't CrashDon't Crash GameDon't CrashHigh ScoresAchievements
2Cars2Cars Game2CarsHigh ScoresAchievements
Zombie Run SagaZombie Run Saga GameZombie Run SagaHigh ScoresAchievements
Pop Up!Pop Up! GamePop Up!High ScoresAchievements
Blum BlumBlum Blum GameBlum BlumHigh Scores
Hot DotHot Dot GameHot DotHigh ScoresAchievements
AvoiderAvoider GameAvoiderHigh Scores
Super CircleSuper Circle GameSuper CircleHigh ScoresAchievements
Color SwitchColor Switch GameColor Switch
Cave FRVRCave FRVR GameCave FRVR
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Keep a close eye out for deadly objects and obstacles as you try to stay alive for as long as possible. Collect coins and other goodies while staying away from the bad items so you can top the leaderboards. is the home to some of the best Avoiding games that you can play on any device. Play any of our Avoiding games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Space Tunnel, Snake Blast, Endless Lake and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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