Lemon OperaLemon Opera GameLemon Opera
Ice Cream Inc.Ice Cream Inc. GameIce Cream Inc.
Suika Game: WatermelonSuika Game: Watermelon GameSuika Game: Watermelon
Stretchy StarsStretchy Stars GameStretchy Stars
Sandwich RunnerSandwich Runner GameSandwich Runner
Coffee StackCoffee Stack GameCoffee Stack
Perfect CreamPerfect Cream GamePerfect Cream
Fat to FitFat to Fit GameFat to Fit
Pancake RunnerPancake Runner GamePancake Runner
Donut StackDonut Stack GameDonut Stack
Merge CakesMerge Cakes GameMerge Cakes
Ice Cream Sundae MakerIce Cream Sundae Maker GameIce Cream Sundae Maker
Yummy Ice Cream FactoryYummy Ice Cream Factory GameYummy Ice Cream Factory
Pizza Clicker TycoonPizza Clicker Tycoon GamePizza Clicker Tycoon
Popsicle StackPopsicle Stack GamePopsicle Stack
Slice RushSlice Rush GameSlice Rush
Popsicle ClickerPopsicle Clicker GamePopsicle Clicker
Ice-Cream, Please!Ice-Cream, Please! GameIce-Cream, Please!
Hot PotatoHot Potato GameHot Potato
Zoo FeederZoo Feeder GameZoo Feeder
Burger ClickerBurger Clicker GameBurger Clicker
Yummy Donut FactoryYummy Donut Factory GameYummy Donut Factory
Lollipop WorldLollipop World GameLollipop World
Penguin CafePenguin Cafe GamePenguin Cafe
Merge CandiesMerge Candies GameMerge Candies
Yummy Candy FactoryYummy Candy Factory GameYummy Candy Factory
Candy FiestaCandy Fiesta GameCandy Fiesta
Pizza PartyPizza Party GamePizza Party
Merge CafeMerge Cafe GameMerge Cafe
Soda ShopSoda Shop GameSoda Shop
Cupcake ShopCupcake Shop GameCupcake Shop
Yummy CupcakeYummy Cupcake GameYummy Cupcake
Funny Cooking CampFunny Cooking Camp GameFunny Cooking Camp
Pizzaiolo 3D OnlinePizzaiolo 3D Online GamePizzaiolo 3D Online
Epic Ice CreamEpic Ice Cream GameEpic Ice Cream
Idle Hypermart EmpireIdle Hypermart Empire GameIdle Hypermart Empire
Yummy Pancake FactoryYummy Pancake Factory GameYummy Pancake Factory
Cooking StreetCooking Street GameCooking Street
Idle Mole EmpireIdle Mole Empire GameIdle Mole Empire
SlicesSlices GameSlices
GelatinoGelatino GameGelatino
Yummy HotdogYummy Hotdog GameYummy Hotdog
Yummy Churros Ice CreamYummy Churros Ice Cream GameYummy Churros Ice Cream
HamburgerHamburger GameHamburger
Fruit JuicerFruit Juicer GameFruit Juicer
Yummy TacoYummy Taco GameYummy Taco
Sandwich BakerSandwich Baker GameSandwich Baker
Soupy IdlesSoupy Idles GameSoupy Idles
Food GrinderFood Grinder GameFood Grinder
Happy SlushyHappy Slushy GameHappy Slushy
Cooking ConnectCooking Connect GameCooking Connect
Yummy ToastYummy Toast GameYummy Toast
Funny Food DuelFunny Food Duel GameFunny Food Duel
Yummy HardYummy Hard GameYummy Hard
Sushi NinjaSushi Ninja GameSushi Ninja
Cooking Korean LessonCooking Korean Lesson GameCooking Korean Lesson
Yummy Waffle Ice CreamYummy Waffle Ice Cream GameYummy Waffle Ice Cream
Yummy Super PizzaYummy Super Pizza GameYummy Super Pizza
Grandma Recipe Apple PieGrandma Recipe Apple Pie GameGrandma Recipe Apple Pie
Yummy Chocolate FactoryYummy Chocolate Factory GameYummy Chocolate Factory
Fat Boy DreamFat Boy Dream GameFat Boy Dream
Open RestaurantOpen Restaurant GameOpen Restaurant
Yummy Super BurgerYummy Super Burger GameYummy Super Burger
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About Lagged Food Games

Enjoy these tasty games that are all based around everyones favorite thing: food. Follow recipes, stack up burgers or run your own restaurant in any of these tasty titles. Enjoy one of our 195 free online food games that can be played on any device. Lagged.com is the home to some of the best food games including many of our own creations exclusive to Lagged. Play any of our Food games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Lemon Opera, Ice Cream Inc., Suika Game: Watermelon and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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