Merge MinersMerge Miners GameMerge Miners
Ice Cream MergeIce Cream Merge GameIce Cream Merge
Huggy Wuggy MergeHuggy Wuggy Merge GameHuggy Wuggy Merge
Merge MasterMerge Master GameMerge Master
Dogecoin MinerDogecoin Miner GameDogecoin Miner
Lifting HeroLifting Hero GameLifting Hero
Trump ClickerTrump Clicker GameTrump Clicker
Pandemic SimulatorPandemic Simulator GamePandemic Simulator
Dance ClickerDance Clicker GameDance Clicker
Popsicle ClickerPopsicle Clicker GamePopsicle Clicker
Pizza Clicker TycoonPizza Clicker Tycoon GamePizza Clicker Tycoon
Merge CakesMerge Cakes GameMerge Cakes
Idle Gym TycoonIdle Gym Tycoon GameIdle Gym Tycoon
Idle MinersIdle Miners GameIdle Miners
Merge Mine: Idle ClickerMerge Mine: Idle Clicker GameMerge Mine: Idle Clicker
Farm FactoryFarm Factory GameFarm Factory
Idle Farm WorldIdle Farm World GameIdle Farm World
SupermarketSupermarket GameSupermarket
Would you Rather?Would you Rather? GameWould you Rather?
Factory ClickerFactory Clicker GameFactory Clicker
Idle Mining EmpireIdle Mining Empire GameIdle Mining Empire
Punching SquadPunching Squad GamePunching Squad
Pepe Coin ClickerPepe Coin Clicker GamePepe Coin Clicker
Clicker HerosClicker Heros GameClicker Heros
Halloween Idle WorldHalloween Idle World GameHalloween Idle World
Business ClickerBusiness Clicker GameBusiness Clicker
Idle BasketballIdle Basketball GameIdle Basketball
Stone GrassStone Grass GameStone Grass
Dig DeepDig Deep GameDig Deep
Fantasy MergerFantasy Merger GameFantasy Merger
Idle EvolveIdle Evolve GameIdle Evolve
Idle Startup TycoonIdle Startup Tycoon GameIdle Startup Tycoon
Merge CandiesMerge Candies GameMerge Candies
Miner Gold IdleMiner Gold Idle GameMiner Gold Idle
Merge CafeMerge Cafe GameMerge Cafe
Space Defense IdleSpace Defense Idle GameSpace Defense Idle
Idle Doodle CityIdle Doodle City GameIdle Doodle City
Idle Farming BusinessIdle Farming Business GameIdle Farming Business
Idle FarmIdle Farm GameIdle Farm
GPU MiningGPU Mining GameGPU Mining
Idle GiftsIdle Gifts GameIdle Gifts
Gun IdleGun Idle GameGun Idle
Meowfia EvolutionMeowfia Evolution GameMeowfia Evolution
Idle OasisIdle Oasis GameIdle Oasis
Mine Farmer 3DMine Farmer 3D GameMine Farmer 3D
President SimulatorPresident Simulator GamePresident Simulator
LIT Ape NFT GeneratorLIT Ape NFT Generator GameLIT Ape NFT Generator
City BuilderCity Builder GameCity Builder
Idle Toilet TycoonIdle Toilet Tycoon GameIdle Toilet Tycoon
Idle Pet BusinessIdle Pet Business GameIdle Pet Business
Idle BaseballIdle Baseball GameIdle Baseball
Gone FishingGone Fishing GameGone Fishing
Hand-Or-MoneyHand-Or-Money GameHand-Or-Money
Idle Mole EmpireIdle Mole Empire GameIdle Mole Empire
Blacksmith ClickerBlacksmith Clicker GameBlacksmith Clicker
Soupy IdlesSoupy Idles GameSoupy Idles
Idle Money TreeIdle Money Tree GameIdle Money Tree
The Elevator ClickerThe Elevator Clicker GameThe Elevator Clicker
Taxi Tycoon: Idle BusinessTaxi Tycoon: Idle Business GameTaxi Tycoon: Idle Business
Idle Hypermart EmpireIdle Hypermart Empire GameIdle Hypermart Empire
Merge Among UsMerge Among Us GameMerge Among Us
Cookie ClickerCookie Clicker GameCookie Clicker
The Mergest KingdomThe Mergest Kingdom GameThe Mergest Kingdom
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Enjoy one of our 129 free online idle games that can be played on any device. is the home to some of the best idle games including many of our own creations exclusive to Lagged. Play any of our Idle games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Merge Miners, Ice Cream Merge, Huggy Wuggy Merge and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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Elastic ManElastic Man GameElastic Man
Blob OperaBlob Opera GameBlob Opera
Draw This 2Draw This 2 GameDraw This 2
ChoirChoir GameChoir
Lemon OperaLemon Opera GameLemon Opera
Going BallsGoing Balls GameGoing Balls
Scary Neighbor OnlineScary Neighbor Online GameScary Neighbor Online
Stretchy SnacksStretchy Snacks GameStretchy Snacks
BitLife Life SimulatorBitLife Life Simulator GameBitLife Life Simulator
Thief PuzzleThief Puzzle GameThief Puzzle
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 GamePoppy Playtime Chapter 2
Toilet RaceToilet Race GameToilet Race
Minecraft OnlineMinecraft Online GameMinecraft Online
Magic TilesMagic Tiles GameMagic Tiles
Tiles HopTiles Hop GameTiles Hop
Tall Man RunnerTall Man Runner GameTall Man Runner
Stair Race 3DStair Race 3D GameStair Race 3D
Dinosaur Game QWERTDinosaur Game QWERT GameDinosaur Game QWERT
Ice Cream Inc.Ice Cream Inc. GameIce Cream Inc.
Phone Case SalonPhone Case Salon GamePhone Case Salon
Skateboard SurfSkateboard Surf GameSkateboard Surf
Suika Game: WatermelonSuika Game: Watermelon GameSuika Game: Watermelon
Castle StoryCastle Story GameCastle Story
Cube FrenzyCube Frenzy GameCube Frenzy