Airport Clash 3DAirport Clash 3D GameAirport Clash 3D
Sniper Clash 3DSniper Clash 3D GameSniper Clash 3D
Rooftop ShooterRooftop Shooter GameRooftop Shooter
Giant WantedGiant Wanted GameGiant Wanted
GangstersGangsters GameGangsters
Bullet FireBullet Fire GameBullet Fire
Stickman HeroStickman Hero GameStickman Hero
Bullet Fire 3Bullet Fire 3 GameBullet Fire 3
Johnny TriggerJohnny Trigger GameJohnny Trigger
Bullet Fire 2Bullet Fire 2 GameBullet Fire 2
Among Us ShooterAmong Us Shooter GameAmong Us Shooter
Sniper Assassin 2Sniper Assassin 2 GameSniper Assassin 2
Paintball Shooter 3DPaintball Shooter 3D GamePaintball Shooter 3D
Gun Battle 3Gun Battle 3 GameGun Battle 3
Gun BattleGun Battle GameGun Battle
Sniper AssassinSniper Assassin GameSniper Assassin
Gun Battle 2Gun Battle 2 GameGun Battle 2
Rooftop RoyaleRooftop Royale GameRooftop Royale
Hunter HitmanHunter Hitman GameHunter Hitman
Stickman Sniper 3Stickman Sniper 3 GameStickman Sniper 3
Sniper Shot 3DSniper Shot 3D GameSniper Shot 3D
Stickman Army: Team BattleStickman Army: Team Battle GameStickman Army: Team Battle
Christmas SniperChristmas Sniper GameChristmas Sniper
Shootout 3DShootout 3D GameShootout 3D
Halloween Pocket Sniper 3DHalloween Pocket Sniper 3D GameHalloween Pocket Sniper 3D
Flipping Gun SimulatorFlipping Gun Simulator GameFlipping Gun Simulator
Guilty SniperGuilty Sniper GameGuilty Sniper
Sniper MissionSniper Mission GameSniper Mission
Stickman WarStickman War GameStickman War
Tactical SquadTactical Squad GameTactical Squad
Master Insane DamageMaster Insane Damage GameMaster Insane Damage
Sniper Zone FPSSniper Zone FPS GameSniper Zone FPS
Bullet FuryBullet Fury GameBullet Fury
Squid Sniper GameSquid Sniper Game GameSquid Sniper Game
Sniper Shot Bullet TimeSniper Shot Bullet Time GameSniper Shot Bullet Time
Dead ZedDead Zed GameDead Zed
Stickman SniperStickman Sniper GameStickman Sniper
Giant Hunt MonstersGiant Hunt Monsters GameGiant Hunt Monsters
Sniper CodeSniper Code GameSniper Code
Sniper CombatSniper Combat GameSniper Combat
Giant Sniper HalloweenGiant Sniper Halloween GameGiant Sniper Halloween
Sniper Shot OnlineSniper Shot Online GameSniper Shot Online
Sniper Trigger RevengeSniper Trigger Revenge GameSniper Trigger Revenge
Sniper Champion 3DSniper Champion 3D GameSniper Champion 3D
Pocket SniperPocket Sniper GamePocket Sniper
Sniper Champion 3DSniper Champion 3D GameSniper Champion 3D
Sniper Master 3DSniper Master 3D GameSniper Master 3D
Hitman RushHitman Rush GameHitman Rush
Stickman Armed AssassinStickman Armed Assassin GameStickman Armed Assassin
Sniper King 2D The Dark CitySniper King 2D The Dark City GameSniper King 2D The Dark City
Mech Giant ShooterMech Giant Shooter GameMech Giant Shooter
Hunter Assassin 2 OnlineHunter Assassin 2 Online GameHunter Assassin 2 Online
Math MaxMath Max GameMath Max
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Enjoy one of our 53 free online sniper games that can be played on any device. is the home to some of the best sniper games including many of our own creations exclusive to Lagged. Play any of our Sniper games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Airport Clash 3D, Sniper Clash 3D, Rooftop Shooter and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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Draw This 2Draw This 2 GameDraw This 2
Elastic ManElastic Man GameElastic Man
Blob OperaBlob Opera GameBlob Opera
BitLife Life SimulatorBitLife Life Simulator GameBitLife Life Simulator
Going BallsGoing Balls GameGoing Balls
Scary Neighbor OnlineScary Neighbor Online GameScary Neighbor Online
ChoirChoir GameChoir
Magic TilesMagic Tiles GameMagic Tiles
Minecraft OnlineMinecraft Online GameMinecraft Online
Hide the EvidenceHide the Evidence GameHide the Evidence
Toilet RaceToilet Race GameToilet Race
Thief PuzzleThief Puzzle GameThief Puzzle
Tiles HopTiles Hop GameTiles Hop
Stair Race 3DStair Race 3D GameStair Race 3D
Draw the WaysDraw the Ways GameDraw the Ways
Stretchy StarsStretchy Stars GameStretchy Stars
Dinosaur Game QWERTDinosaur Game QWERT GameDinosaur Game QWERT
Cube FrenzyCube Frenzy GameCube Frenzy
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 GamePoppy Playtime Chapter 2
Tall Man RunnerTall Man Runner GameTall Man Runner
Lemon OperaLemon Opera GameLemon Opera
Ice Cream Inc.Ice Cream Inc. GameIce Cream Inc.
Phone Case SalonPhone Case Salon GamePhone Case Salon
Castle StoryCastle Story GameCastle Story